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Neck and Shoulder Relaxation Cervical Chiropractic Pillow for Back Side Therapeutic Sleeping Pillows


  • Relieve neck pain in just 10 minutes
  • Simple and effective physical solutions to soothe a stiff neck Helps restore proper cervical curvature associated with consistent use
  • Dense and soft foam design provides a sturdy, lightweight and comfortable base


  • Material: Polyurethane
  • the name: cervical spine stretching pillow
  • packing size: 20x10x5cm
  • weight: 1.3g


  • The pillow core is not washable. It should not be exposed to the sun, and it can be ventilated in a cool place. Please wipe slowly with a towel.
  • Do not bleach, hang to dry, do not iron, do not dry clean

By using a cervical chiropractic pillow, you may experience several benefits, including:

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